A Really N.E.A.T Way To Lose Weight


Do you want to hear a really NEAT way to lose weight? Well, below I will share a super simple secret which most people take for granted. This is honestly one of the most simple things to do, but makes such a big difference!


Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is one of the main ways we burn calories. The other ways will be down to Exercise, Metabolism and the Thermic effect of food (I will talk about these another time). 

NEAT is basically the movements we do in everyday life which is not vigorous enough to class as an exercise.


Studies have shown that the calories burnt through NEAT can vary between 2000kcal between two people of a similar size! 


So, what kind of things can you do to increase this?….


  • Walking – This could be walking to the shops, getting off a bus stop earlier, parking further away from your work or even going for an evening stroll rather than watching TV.


  • Gardening – This is a great way to get some extra calories burnt, as well as working some muscles!


  • Shopping – A trip to the shops can help increase your N.E.A.T.


  • Playing with your kids – Get them off the iPads/Tablets and get moving with the kids! It’s a win win!


  • Household chores – Maybe your least favourite idea, but surely it makes the chores more appealing if its helping you lose weight?


  • Taking the stairs rather than lift – An easy one to do, but can make a big difference. Add the extra benefit of working those leg muscles!


Basically, anything that’s not sitting, sleeping, eating or exercising!!


These things may seem so simple but when it comes to burning calories we can take these things for granted!


Most of the time when we think of burning calories, we think about exercise. But exercise only plays a small roll in our total calories burnt. Think about it this way – exercising for 3 hours a week is only 3 hours out of 168 hours of burning extra calories! That’s only 1.8% of your week!


No matter how many calories you burn in those 3 hours, you will burn 1000’s more calories through your N.E.A.T over the week.


So if you find you are stuck or going through a plateau with your weight loss, ask yourself if increasing your N.E.AT is possible (99% of the time it is). If so, then MOVE MORE, Increasing your N.E.AT could be the thing that makes a difference to your results!


I hope this helps you increase your calorie burn and lead to better results! Keep moving more and eating well.



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